Pearl Earrings

Maison NK

As a luxury jewellery designer brand we pride ourselves on reaching out over the world to bring you the finest it has to offer. 

We are captivated by pearls and search the world for the best. This is not a mere pastime. Our curiosity has made us provide you with the best. It is our belief that you cannot spend too much time looking for the perfect pearls, and we make it our duty to uncover the truly extraordinary. Our products are an incredible gift from nature with a richness of appearance. We have an enduring passion for coloured pearls too. Their beauty energies the creative imagination to bring you stunning designs.

We source vivid gems and crystals from across the world - often coloured, always rare. Our passion for incredible stones is born from one of our principles that jewellery is charged with energy; it should mesmerise you.


All our products are designed, handmade and dispatched from our atelier in England, to deliver extraordinary graceful style to you all year round. Quintessentially British- We Combine the best of British tradition with a contemporary and modern approach. Britain has been known for exquisite quality and unique design and we continue that tradition till this day.

A world of inspiration

Inspiration for our inventions is wonderfully diverse like the world we live in. We seek to be original, imaginative and inherently beautiful. Each design and each gem has its own story to tell, from capturing the rich colours and warmth of a Summer sunrise over the sea to the deep colours from the depth of the ocean.

It’s all in the Detail.

All our jewellery is made using handpicked gems. Team NK continuously challenge themselves by making sure they create a captivating design using gems that provide the most perfect finish to every single piece of jewellery and to you. Our designs are varied, striking and inimitable. Our collections can have an elegant modern and exquisite feel, a sense of elegance, an imaginative and creative theme or an unpretentious and simple style but all have a strong essence of femininity and celebrate the gemstones' beauty and splendour.

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Being Socially Responsible

We recognise the opportunity we have to influence culture and set the standards for excellence-not only in fine jewellery and craftsmanship but also in what it means to be responsible citizens.  

We believe fine craftsmanship starts with responsibly sourcing high-quality materials and continues through to delivery. We are devoted to better understanding the social and environmental impact so that we can create positive change along the supply chain, all the way to you. We work with our suppliers around the world to ensure the pearls and gems we use are from sustainably and ethically managed sources.

See our sustainability pages for more information.

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